Sustainability at Yonex (Our Vision and Principles)

Our Purpose & Mission

Craft a better future with unique innovations

Bring the world together by deepening people's connection to sport and to each other

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Yonex was founded in 1946, during an era of diverse changes, as the company set our purpose, “Craft a better future with unique innovations.” We conduct business to bring joy and inspiring experiences through sport, by offering the finest products to customers around the world. At the same time, we aim to develop and manufacture products that are environmentally friendly and can be used safely with reassurance, to protect the earth’s environment and improve the quality of our products. “Unparalleled craftsmanship” based on our purpose is possible only through concerted efforts of everyone involved in our business activities. Our products manufactured with these efforts contribute to the health of people and vitality of society through sport.

Spread and Development of Global Sports

The beauty of sport can be shared by everyone, transcending national borders, languages, gender or age. As a sporting goods manufacturer, we communicate the joy of sport to people around the globe to spread and develop sport while at the same time contributing to the revitalization of local communities, respect for diversity and the nurturing of healthy, rich minds.

Human Rights and Diversity

As a company that engages with sport that have the power to connect people regardless of national borders, languages, gender, age, or the presence or absence of physical abilities, we respect the human rights of all people and create opportunities for people of any nationality, gender or age to flourish by expressing their individuality. We use a collection of diverse opinions as a driving force for business growth.

Cooperation with All Stakeholders

We pursue realizing our purpose and creating new values through our product and service offerings, in order to sustainably contribute to solving social challenges. For us to remain a relevant company for society even a hundred years from now, we place importance on our relationships with the following six stakeholders who support us: our “customers,” “business partners,” “employees,” “local communities,” “shareholders/investors,” as well as “future generations.” We have been supporting the future of children and the healthy growth of their minds and bodies through Junior Clinic and other projects both within and outside of Japan. In order to continue to be a company needed by children of the next generation, we will deepen conversations with all of our stakeholders through our business activities and contribute to the development of sustainable society.

“customers,” “business partners,” “employees,” “local communities,” “shareholders/investors,” “future generations.”

Vision of our Founder, Minoru Yoneyama

Yonex was founded by Minoru Yoneyama and his younger brothers, after Minoru came back from the Battle of Okinawa in 1946. It started as a woodworking shop, Yoneyama Manufacturing Company, in their hometown, Tsukanoyama, in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. Minoru, who experienced an extreme state of war at a young age, where not only his enemies but also his allies couldn’t be trusted, unexpectedly ended up putting his heart and soul into the business of sport, that has the power to foster peace, through opportunities to manufacture badminton racquets and other sporting goods.

Although faced with a variety of difficulties to staying in business, he viewed crises as opportunities and continued to develop new innovations one after another. He tirelessly aimed for a global expansion from snowy Niigata, with a strong passion inside him stemming from his youthful experience of war, to “prove the good-heartedness of the Japanese people” and “contribute to world peace through products manufactured wholeheartedly, delivered all over the world.”

Our Purpose, "Craft a better future with unique innovations,” demonstrates not only Minoru’s pride in our technology and products, but also his dedication in transcending national boundaries and connecting with a wider world. It is the embodiment of his devotion to offering superior products to customers all over the world through the development and manufacturing of sporting goods, as well as contributing to the spread and growth of sport around the globe. This practice is deeply connected to the idea of sustainability.

Minoru at Yoneyama Manufacturing Company in 1965

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