Beyond What I see いけるはずのないところまでBeyond What I see いけるはずのないところまで

Monozukuri, the art of crafting the best products,
is the foundation of everything we do at Yonex.
The same goes for “the promotion and development
of sports”, which is
aided by increasing the number of people enjoying sports competitions.
Our activities to deliver Yonex products to
customers across the globe will never change.
We will leverage the power of each employee with diverse values to
further evolve these activities.
This will be our driving force for growth,
as we continue to contribute to the world with
the guidance of our Purpose & Mission.


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Yonex Japan Merchandise Dept.T.S.

Headquarters Global Strategy OfficeY.K.

Niigata Factory Badminton ManufacturingA.O.

Headquarters Information System Dept.W.A.

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