Supply Chain Policy

We aim to build a sustainable supply chain by following the policy below and understanding the resource usage situation as well as human rights/work labor situation of our suppliers.

  1. We comply with the laws and regulations and respect international codes of conduct.
  2. We conduct fair business activities with all of our business partners through fair and free competition among companies.
  3. We fulfill our commitment to our customers and aim to build a sustainable society through fair comparison and evaluation of quality, price, lead time, etc., and by selecting business partners who place importance on legal compliance, respect for human rights, proper work environment of their employees and environmental conservation.
  4. We respect confidential information and intellectual property of our business partners and do not obtain or use them by illegal means.
  5. We build better partnerships through transparent and healthy business transactions to foster trust with our business partners.
  6. We pursue mutual growth with our business partners and fulfill our social responsibilities together.

Revised in August 2021

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