Sustainability Promotion Structure

Sustainability Committee

We established the "Sustainability Committee" on April 1, 2022, chaired by the President and Representative Director, to promote our sustainability actions. The committee comprises three working groups of ‘Environment,’ ‘Supply Chain,’ and ‘Diversity,’ and subgroups are organized within each working group to address more specific issues.

Committee members are the leaders and sub-leaders of each working group and sub-group, with Investor Relations Department serving as the secretariat. Diverse members related to each issue from different departments across the company participate in each working group. The committee discusses the overall approach to sustainability issues and goals to achieve, and reports and proposes to the Board of Directors.

As ‘sustainability’ is an opportunity for innovation in our business, we will strengthen our existing efforts under this committee and promote a company-wide approach.

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*Subgroups are organized within each working group and work on more specific issues.

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