Environmental Policy/Targets

Environmental Policy

With our purpose of "Craft a better future with unique innovations,” Yonex strives to offer the finest products to our customers by developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products. We reduce the burden on the environment through continuous efforts to improve the environment and prevent pollution throughout the entire process of our business, from the development and manufacturing of our products, usage by customers, all the way to disposal.

We understand that global environmental conservation is a common challenge facing the world, and continue to promote activities to protect the environment through all of our business activities as well as the actions of our individual employees.

  • 1. We comply with the laws and regulations relevant to our business, as well as the protocols we have set up with our external partners.

  • 2. We actively pursue the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly products.

  • 3. We pursue waste reduction by promoting energy conservation, resource saving and recycling.

  • 4. We purchase environmentally friendly raw materials and goods.

Environmental Target

Target of CO2 Emission Reduction for 2030
Scope1 and 2 :50%

(from 2016 base year)

Direct emissions of greenhouse gases from company-owned resources
Indirect emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity, heat, and steam

Trends in our CO2 emissions

Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions

  • Reviewing the manufacturing processes and installing energy-efficient production facilities
  • Active introduction of renewable energy
  • Calculating the group-wide CO2 emissions, including Scope 3

Please see details here.

Further Efforts

We are currently working to reduce Scope 3 emissions as we recognize the importance of efforts with the entire supply chain, not only Scope 1 and 2, to archive a carbon-free society.

  • Scope 3 emissions: indirect emissions other than Scope 1 and 2

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