Management of Chemical Substances

In order to provide safe products and reduce environmental impact, Yonex, together with our suppliers, has been promoting initiatives to manage chemical substances properly. In 2022, we compiled a list of restricted chemical substances and “Yonex Chemical Substance Management Guidelines.”
We send the list and guidelines to our suppliers around the world to ensure that they understand our initiatives and request cooperation in the investigation of chemical substances contained in their products when necessary.

List of Restricted Chemical Substances

Chemical substances whose use is prohibited or restricted and their limit values are identified. The list is based on the following domestic or foreign laws and regulations, as well as other regulations which are internationally influential.

Region / Country Regulations / Laws
  • POPs Convention
  • Montreal Protocol
  • Chemical Substances Control Law (Class I)
  • Act on Control of Household Products Containing Harmful Substances
  • Industrial Safety and Health Act
  • REACH Regulation (Annex XIV/XVII)
  • RoHS Directive 
  • TSCA (PBT Rules)
  • California Proposition 65
Others Domestic laws prohibiting or restricting the use of chemical substances that pose a risk of impairing human health or the environment in the country where products are sold
(China RoHS, etc.)

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