Shifting to biodegradable tennis racquet covers starting from February 2024

TOKYO, Japan – Yonex Co., Ltd. is promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing as part of its sustainability efforts. The company is taking initiatives to reduce packaging for various products while examining the impact on transportation and product quality protection.

Yonex noticed many customers were not using the nylon racquet cases that come with their tennis racquets, and the company is now shifting to sustainable options as part of its packaging reduction efforts*1. This will significantly reduce the use of petroleum-based materials.

Yonex will introduce covers made from “ECORISE™,” a plant-based non-woven fabric. ECORISE™ is a material that is biodegradable and can be composted under certain conditions.
For bag-making and logo printing on the cover also eliminates the use of adhesives and printing inks, reducing environmental impact.

*1 Not applicable for all products and regions.

Yonex sustainability efforts

As part of its environmental efforts, Yonex has been reducing CO2 emissions, reviewing packaging materials, and expanding the use of sustainable materials in its shoes and apparel. Yonex will continue to pursue environmentally friendly manufacturing and work toward the realization of a sustainable society.

For more information on its sustainability initiatives, please refer to the link below.
Yonex Sustainability Efforts


Eco-friendly non-woven fabric cover

  • Adopt “ECORISE™”, *2 made mainly from plant-based plastics that are biodegradable and compostable under certain conditions.

  • Avoid using adhesives or printing inks for bag-making and logo printing on the cover.

*2 ”ECORISE™” is a product of Mitsui Chemicals Asahi Life Materials.
     The following certifications have been obtained.

  • Compostable certification by the BPI, Biodegradable Products Institute (USA).
  • OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification, a type of biodegradable plastic certification by TUV AUSTRIA.
  • BiodegradablePla certification by JBPA, Japan BioPlastics Association.
  • BiomassPla certification by JBPA, Japan BioPlastics Association.
List of the applicable products
98/98+ 95 97H 100
98TOUR 98/98+ 97D 105
98L 98TOUR 97 120
100/100+ 98L 97L  
100L/100SL 100/100+ 100  
105/110 100L 100D