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far beyond ordinary

YONEX constantly strives for perfection. In order to achieve the best results possible, YONEX is guided by an unshakable company philosophy and a robust set of management policies. Furthermore, the design of our corporate logo is rich with the values and messages we wish to communicate throughout the world.

Company Philosophy

To craft a better future with unique innovations

Management Policy

・We will challenge the world through sports by chasing the dream. ・We are devoted to providing best products and services to contribute to the development of society and culture. ・Based on new ideas, theory, and with time, we will create the next generation. ・We strive to stimulate the organization through trust and cooperation and recognizing our responsibility. ・We strive for innovation and inner growth through relentless and tireless research. ・Be passionate about work, enthusiastic about your well-being which will translate into positive work place.

The YONEX Corporate Logo

Blue and Green: The YONEX Logo. The blue sky and green grass come together to create the perfect sporting stage; a vast arena where sport can naturally thrive. Universally recognised, our logo symbolises the feeling of freedom enjoyed when immersed in sport. Our logo is a blue and green mark that calls out to all, spreading the message about the wonder of sport, as well as the benefit and satisfaction in taking part regardless of race, language or appearance. The blue and green of YONEX is designed to touch everyone who is involved in sport to show our commitment and acknowledge their passion and love of sport.

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