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German branch office, YONEX SPORTS GmbH (Sales Company), established in western Germany.

YONEX established first branch office in west Germany.

Company headquarters (Current: Niigata Factory) builds second factory.

A new factory concentrating on tennis racquet production is built. Tennis player Billy Jean King attended the new factory's opening ceremony, marking the importance of the occasion.


YONEX SPORTS Co., Ltd. changes names to current YONEX Co., Ltd.

Osaka Sales Office is promoted to Branch Office and relocates to a brand new building.

YONEX enters the golf industry.

YONEX announces the very first carbon graphite and persimmon wooden golf club.

Company becomes the title sponsor for the YONEX Cup Japan Open (Current: YONEX OPEN JAPAN) badminton tournament.

Products and Players

YONEX starts developing the first golf club to combine carbon graphite and persimmon - the CARBONEX.

Martina Navratilova wins Roland Garros with the newly released R-7 tennis racquet.

The Asian Games tennis women's singles winner, Etsuko Kaneshiro (Née Inoue) signs exclusive contract with YONEX.


YONEX Tokyo Factory Co.,Ltd. (Current: Tokyo Factory) starts string production.

American branch office YONEX AMERICA INC. (Current: YONEX CORPORATION) is established.

Golf driving range (with 36 tees) opens in Niigata Prefecture, Nagaoka City.

Products and Players

In the midst of the current tennis boom, the mid-size, huge-hit carbon racquet R-22 goes on sale.

Martina Navratilova with the R-22 becomes the first player in history to win both singles and doubles titles in every Grand Slam tournament.

An iron that changed the way irons are thought about, the CARBON IRON goes on sale.


Nagoya Sales Office (Current: YONEX Nagoya) is established Nagoya City, Naka Ward.

Company becomes the title sponsor of the prestigious All England Open Badminton Championships. This legendary tournament has a long history stretching back to 1899.

Limited Company YONEX Tokyo Factory (Current: Tokyo Factory) builds second factory.

Second factory is built which focuses on tennis strings.

Expansion of Tokyo Main Sales Office (Current: YONEX Co.,Ltd.).

Company headquarters (Current: Niigata Factory) builds third factory in Nagaoka City.


Products and Players

YONEX tennis player Etsuko Kaneshiro (Née Inoue) wins at the All Japan Tennis Championships for the first time.


Products and Players

YONEX tennis player Martina Navratilova wins at Wimbledon for a fifth consecutive time.


Fukuoka Sales Office established in Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka City, Hakata Ward.

First tennis racquet with the IPS (Integrated Power weight System) goes on sale.

Branch office YONEX UK Ltd. is established in England.

Minoru Yoneyama receives Japanese Medal with Blue Ribbon.

YONEX TAIWAN Co., Ltd. branch office is established in Taiwan.

YONEX celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The 40th anniversary party was attended by luminaries from the political and financial world.

Products and Players

The R-24 tennis racquet with the IPS (Integrated Power weight System) goes on sale.

YONEX tennis player Martina Navratilova wins Wimbledon for a sixth consecutive time.

Prince Edward attends the All England Badminton Championships, a great honour for the tournament.

Tennis player Pam Shriver (USA) signs on with YONEX.


YONEX SPORTS HONG KONG LIMITED (Sales Company) branch office established in Hong Kong.

New YONEX Golf Driving Range (Current: Golf Research Test-Hitting Facility and Driving Range) built in Nagaoka City.


YONEX R&D Co., Ltd. established in Niigata prefecture, Nagaoka City.

The launch of a new company heralds the beginning of research into golf course construction.

Branch office in western Germany, YONEX GmbH (Sales Company) is established and inherits YONEX SPORTS GmbH's work.

The Japan PGA Tour's YONEX Open Hiroshima Golf Tournament is held by YONEX in conjunction with Hiroshima Telecasting Co.,Ltd.

Products and Players

Tennis player Kimiko Date signs on with YONEX.

The A.D.X. range of golf clubs goes on sale, boasting the industry's first wide-body head. That same year, the A.D.X. driver breaks the world record by hitting 412 yards - it held the record for the furthest distance hit by a driver at an official PGA tournament.


Miyagi Sales Office established in Miyagi prefecture, Sendai City, Miyagino Ward.

Headquarters move to Yushima neighbourhood in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward and merges with YONEX Tokyo Factory Co., Ltd. (Current: Tokyo Factory) and YONEX TRADING Co., Ltd. (Current: International Sales Department.)

Nagoya Sales Office is expanded into a branch office.

YONEX CORPORATION (the predecessor to the present YONEX CORPORATION) branch office is established in America and a new company building is constructed.

Fukuoka Sales Office moves to brand new premises.

Products and Players

Martina Navratilova achieves the most wins ever at Wimbledon, a total of nine victories.

Tennis player Monica Seles (USA) signs with YONEX.

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