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Promote Active Involvement of Women in the Workplace

YONEX CO., LTD. is proud of each and every one of our employees, valuing each individual’s skills, expertise and potential. To this end, we are committed to acquiring all manner of talent, and nurturing their skills. We value diversity at Yonex, and strive to create an environment where each employee can exhibit their unique abilities.
The modern global marketplace calls for a variety of viewpoints, which is why Yonex puts a great focus on the active promotion of women in the workplace. By actively including women in all areas of the company, Yonex will continue to grow.

Main Principles

We look to promote diversity with the goal of fulfilling our corporate philosophy: “Contribute to the world through innovative technology and the highest quality products.”
The core principals are as follows
  • ①Create an environment where all employees are able to constantly work to the best of their individual abilities.
  • ②Nurture and encourage female employees to take on active managerial roles.
  • ③Pursue a positive company environment through the active promotion of female employees.


①Proactive Acquisition of Female Talent

Pursue an even ratio of female and male employees through the proactive acquisition of female talent.

②Company Training Towards Active Involvement of Women

  • ・Provide specialized training for female employees currently in managerial roles to make the best use of their abilities.
  • ・Nurture ambitious and skilled female talent, and carry out company training with the objective of heightening their abilities; creating a more positive company environment for them to flourish.

③Supporting Working Mothers

  • ・Provide timely company information to mothers on maternity leave for when they return.
  • ・Create an environment that lets mothers to work shorter hours, allowing them time to look after their children.
  • ・Gather feedback from female employees who have taken maternity leave, and figure out ways to create an environment for them that is easy to work in.

④Women in Managerial Roles

We are working towards creating a work environment with more female employees in managerial roles. In 2014, the amount of women in management was at 6% (9 employees). This has risen to 7% (11 employees) in April 2016.

Percentage of New Female Employees (2015 Financial Year)

  Men Women Total % of Women
College Graduates 25 18 43 41%
Mid-Career 27 15 42 35%

Average Length of Employment and Average Age (Current as of March 31st, 2016)

  Men Women Total
Avg. Length of Employment (Years) 16.38 14.72 15.78
Avg. Age (Years Old) 40.26 37.75 39.35

Percentage of Women in Management (Current as of April 21st, 2016)

Men Women Total % of Women
141 11 152 7.24%


We plan to carry out this active promotion of female employees and implement employee training aimed at female management to support involvement and raise awareness from April 2016 to March 2020.

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