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Yonex is Proud to be the Official Equipment and Service Supplier of Various International Tennis and Badminton Tournaments!

Lin Dan (CHN) and Yonex Stringing Team in 2016

In addition to selling stringing machines, badminton court mats, poles, nets, and shuttlecocks in about 60 countries around the world, Yonex is the official BWF equipment and services supplier at 19 events during the 2019 BWF World Tour. In tennis, Yonex has been the official stringing service provider at the Australian Open since 2016 and supports many international tournaments. Yonex is now pleased to announce that we will be the Sole Supplier at the badminton and tennis events of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The products and services supplied by Yonex will include shuttlecocks “Tournament”, court mats, nets and net poles for badminton, as well as Yonex’s stringing service – using Yonex’s made-in-Japan stringing machines – for team and individual events in both sports. With the announcement, Yonex will now become the sole supplier of badminton for eight consecutive Olympic Games, starting in 1992 in Barcelona, and four consecutive Olympic Games in tennis and wheelchair tennis, beginning in Beijing 2008.

Yonex greatly looks forward to continuing to support badminton and tennis Olympic and Paralympic athletes at Tokyo 2020.


Badminton and Para-Badminton
・Shuttlecocks (Tournament), court mats, nets, net poles
・Yonex stringing service, Yonex stringing machines
Tennis and Wheelchair Tennis
・Yonex stringing service, Yonex stringing machines


1984-2019 Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships
1990-2012、2017-2019 Sudirman Cup, Thomas and Uber Cup World Team Badminton Championships
Olympic Games Barcelona 1992
Olympic Games Atlanta 1996
Olympic Games Athens 2000
Olympic Games Sydney 2004
Olympic Games Beijing 2008
Olympic Games London 2012
Olympic Games Rio 2016
2019 DAIHATSU YONEX Japan Open and 18 other BWF World Tour Events
Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 (Top left: DAIHATSU YONEX Japan Open, Others: Yonex Stringing team at the YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships) Tennis
Olympic and Paralympic Games Beijing 2008
Olympic and Paralympic Games London 2012
2012-2019 Toray Pan-Pacific Open
2014-2019 Rakuten Japan Open
2016-2019 Australian Open
Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016
2016-2019 Shanghai Masters
2016-2019 Chengdu Open
Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Top right: Toray Pan-Pacific Open, Others: Australian Open Yonex stringing machine, Tournament Shuttlecocks

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