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Enriching the World
Through Sport

Sport is enjoyed across the globe. The feeling of existing in the moment, with every fibre alive with excitement can be recognised and understood universally.

Amid a busy and complex world, YONEX has a simple goal; to enrich people’s lives through sport, giving them a happier and healthier lifestyle. YONEX aims to encourage and spread the joy of sport through its wide range of products, which are suitable for all ranges of players from amateurs to professionals. YONEX believes that sport is for everyone to enjoy, at any level.

As a global company, YONEX feels that it is its distinct obligation to give something back to society. YONEX demonstrates social responsibility through its involvement in a number of campaigns designed to positively impact society and help to educate others on the health benefits of sport.

Yonex is Proud to be the Official Equipment and Service Supplier of Various International Tennis and Badminton Tournaments!

In addition to selling stringing machines, badminton court mats, poles, nets, and shuttlecocks in about 60 countries around the world, Yonex is the official BWF equipment and services supplier at 19 events during the 2019 BWF World Tour. In tennis, Yonex has been the official stringing service provider at the Australian Open since 2016 and supports many international tournaments. Yonex is now pleased to announce that we will be the Sole Supplier at the badminton and tennis events of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Encouraging Juniors

It is important to encourage children to aspire to be the best they can be. To help inspire them to strive for their dreams, to encourage a healthy upbringing, and pave a bright future for these children, YONEX carries out a host of events specifically targeted at juniors. Through events and activities such as the YONEX Junior Golf Academy, YONEX VAMOS J tennis camp, YONEX JUNIOR GROW UP PROJECT snowboard camp, and the numerous tennis clinics which world-renowned stars and pros from our native Japan help coach at, YONEX actively promotes participation in sport from a young age.

Events to Encourage Healthy Living

YONEX encourages walking as part of a healthy lifestyle through walk rallies. At these events, YONEX helps to provide a relaxed and friendly environment where anyone can participate in and enjoy the positive benefits of exercise. As with any sport, using the right equipment is essential, which is why at these events, YONEX uses a specialised tool to accurately and precisely measure the walker’s foot to ensure that they are choosing the perfectly fitting footwear to help them enjoy walking.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Methods

YONEX strives to use environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and techniques wherever possible. Through recycling, YONEX is able to use its resources more wisely and has been able to reduce its toxic emission to zero. In an attempt to help combat the wider problems of air and water pollution, the company is also taking steps towards reducing noise and odour pollution caused by its factories. Click below for details on our ISO14001: 2004 Certification

Environmentally Aware

Every step of the production process is carefully monitored to ensure that it is complying with the YONEX internal standards to help reduce environmental impact. Throughout the company every endeavor is made to reduce electricity, water and paper usage; the Earth’s resources are few and precious and YONEX firmly believes in helping to better the planet by using these resources conscientiously.
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