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PRESIDENT Kusaki Hayashida

My name is Kusaki Hayashida, and this day of June 23rd, 2015 marks my first day as the new president of YONEX CO., LTD. Founded in 1946, Yonex has developed into the robust brand that it is today by cultivating a passion for craftsmanship, and highly valuing its relationships with people. With such an established reputation, the decision to change over the presidency was one that required a great amount of consideration. Yonex now has over 1,400 employees, and the monumental responsibility of overseeing these many individuals is one that honestly fills me with uncertainty.

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the world through innovative technology and the highest quality products” Yonex has truly flourished into a company that places great products into the hands of consumers. However, it goes without saying that creating “great products” is easier said than done—it’s a process that involves many dedicated individuals. Those in development and production of course play a huge role, but the process doesn’t end there. The hard work of those who supply the materials for the product, those who sell the product, those who market the product, and those who promote the product all come together to create the finished product. These individuals are ones who have taken the initiative, and devoted themselves to this process. These are people who I deeply honour, and respect. Furthermore, the hard work of these many individuals is the reason I love Yonex. As president, it’s my responsibility to communicate these feelings to the next generation, influencing them to also hold these strong feelings for Yonex.

As I commence my presidency at Yonex, I aim to better the company in several areas. In order for this to happen, the company must become a place where each individual thinks and acts on their own. Even during times of struggle, Yonex should stand firm, with every employee examining the appropriate methods and carving out the best solution to solve any problem. As a result, we will forge methods and ideas unique to Yonex. This will no doubt become the main driving force behind transforming “great products” into “excellent products.” By way of these efforts, I would like for Yonex to continue delivering the highest quality products to consumers around the world. This is by no means arrogance, but I believe that Yonex’s collected endeavours will allow it to stand with even more confidence and pride as a brand.

The current state of the sporting industry sees users increasing, with demands for sporting equipment rising as a result. In order to convince consumers to choose Yonex within this environment, our employees must come together and produce the highest quality of work. The moment when Yonex can answer to the many demands of consumers, the uncertainty I hold will transform into confidence and pride.

We will all continue to work our hardest to expand Yonex out further from its native Japan, and forge it into a global brand loved the world over.

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